Sunday, January 22, 2006

Website Update

Over the past few weeks I have been updating with information on the books I have coming out this year. I’ve also been adding to the “history pages” which is one of my favourite parts of the site. Most authors of historical fiction will get very excited when they start talking about the research they do and about the way that one line in a reference book can catch your eye, for example, and give you a whole new idea for another story. A few years ago I remember reading about shopping in Regency York and a brief reference to the Regency lottery catching my interest. It was from that snippet that the whole idea for my book about the lottery, The Earl’s Prize, was born.

Please come and visit my new, improved website! I hope you enjoy browsing the history pages and that you find something to interest you there. And don’t miss the Spring contest, with the opportunity to win a Pride and Prejudice themed recipe book!

Nicola Cornick

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Anonymous said...

I have just taken a peek at your website. Love the history page - what a good idea!