Sunday, February 05, 2006

Audio books

I was talking to Maisie Hampton recently, and we were discussing audio books. My first audio book, Harstairs House, came out last year, and Maisie’s first audio book, Love’s Measure, is just out.

We both found the experience exciting. Our print versions of Harstairs House and Love’s Measure have been out for some time, and it was refreshing to rediscover the stories through a new medium.

What amazed us was the way that the audio book readers managed to make all the varied characters sound so different.

I’d assumed that romances would be read by women, and this is the case with my own book, Harstairs House, which is read by Patrical Gallimore, but Love’s Measure is read by a man, Christopher Scott.

For those of you who listen to audio books, do you prefer to have them read by a man or a woman? And where do you listen?

I usually listen whilst doing something else. They’re a great way of passing the time when I’m doing the housework, and they keep me company on long drives. How about you?

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Amanda Grange

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Anonymous said...

As a big radio addict, I love listening to something whilst I'm doing something mundane like the ironing. I love listening to audio books and I don't have any preferences whether a romance is read by a man or a woman - although I did once listen to a male reader reading a book who put on an awful voice for a female character which made me laugh even though the book was a very serious read!