Wednesday, February 15, 2006

New BBC series about Romantic Fiction

Have your say on a new BBC series about the History of Romantic Fiction!

They will be discussing the great and good about romantic literature in the past 200 years, looking at everything from the Brontes and Austen, through Elinor Glyn, Jean Plaidy, Georgette Heyer to Sophie Kinsella. From Mills & Boon, to the bonkbusters and chick lit (Bridget Jones, Lace, A Woman of Substance, Hollywood Wives etc.).

A large part of the programme will hear the stories of real readers, who will tell how particular books or authors effected their lives, their ideals of love and concepts such as the ideal man (even though it’s just fiction!)

They would like YOU to get in touch with your stories!

They want to hear the stories of real women readers, as opposed to just academics and authors.

Contact Hugo Macgregor, Silver River TV.


Stephen said...

Just women? They don't want to know how Georgette Heyer changed my life?

Kate Allan said...

I suggest you email Hugh and point out that there are plenty of male readers of romantic fiction too. ;)