Friday, February 24, 2006

'Silver lining'

For the past ten days I've been wrestling with a virus/'flu and have not put pencil to paper. My new book has two chapters completed and two more written in my head- but at the moment I'm having dificulty writing this blog so it will have to wait until next week.
I received a letter yesterday from Hale saying my next book 'A Suitable Husband' will be published on 31st March. I should have been horrified if it wasn't- I'm having a party for friends and family on 26th March and it would have been a bit silly having it without the book!!
The silver lining I mentioned earlier is that my lack of appetite is doing wonders for my waistline- but I've sent off for a pair of the 'magic knickers' I saw advertised, just in case.
Fenella Miller


Anonymous said...

You have my sympathy, Fenella. I hate it when I feel too poorly to write. A few years ago I was laid up with one broken ankle and one sprained one - 12 weeks on the sofa and the perfect excuse to do nothing but write. The result, my book Maid of Honour!

Kate Allan said...

I had 'flu or similar about three weeks ago and still feeling a little tired and below par. Hope you feel better soon.