Monday, July 10, 2006

Carriages and a wedding!

This carriage, a brougham, was not around in the Regency as it did not appear until 1834. However as it was used to convey the bride at a wedding I attended on Saturday I just had to show you all. The wedding was in Coggeshall, a small Essex town with narrow streets and houses that would not have been out of place in Jane Austen's books.
The high-perch phaeton is often found in Regency romances and was a surprisingly robust and safe carriage in spite of its unwieldy appearance as can be seen by the fact that two young ladies are driving this one.
Nothing new to report on the writing front, I am waiting eagerly for the finished cover for my next book, A Dissembler, out next month, and will post it next time.
Fenella Miller

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Lois said...

Thank you for the pic of the phaeton -- I know that's what it was, it just was really nice actually seeing one! :) (Looks too scary for me though. . . LOL)