Wednesday, July 12, 2006

More on Penrith

On Saturday morning it was time for workshops, which were given by a number of inspiring speakers including our very own Kate Allan. The workshops were interspersed with coffee and lunch, which gave us to chat with our friends and exchange industry news.

As well as workshops, there were a number of times during the day when we came together and listened to our guest speakers. Kate Fenton was lovely, glamorous and very funny. She had us all in stitches with her stories. Anyone who likes contemporary comedies should try Kate's books, and Jane Austen fans might like Lions and Liquorice in particular, as it's an updating of the Pride and Prejudice plot, but with a twist: it's the woman in Kate's story who's the arrogant one, and not the man.

In the afternoon, our guest speaker was Penny Jordan. Penny is lovely, glamorous, an incredible writer, and also a member of my RNA chapter. She told us about her sagas, which she writes under the name of Annie Groves, as well as her hugely successful modern romances.

Then it was off to the bar for more chat before getting changed for the gala dinner.

Amanda Grange

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