Friday, July 27, 2007

Captain Wentworth - Hugh Jackman

Over on Anne Mcallister's blog she's talking about winning a copy of Mr Darcy's Diary. She also happens to mention Captain Wentworth's Diary, and by coincidence her post has a picture of Hugh Jackman as well. I say by coincidence, because I've always thought that the delectable Mr Jackman would make an ideal Wentworth. And here he is in a towel, having evidently fallen in the sea before indulging in a spot of sword practice!

He conveys all the qualities I think Wentworth needs: courage, an outdoor personality, confidence, good looks, and an irresistible magnetism.

He's also very good at conveying softer emotions, and I could imagine him writing 'the letter' to Anne, in which he says, 'You pierce my soul.'

Now that's romance.

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