Friday, October 17, 2008

Travelling fast!

Continuing the theme of transport, Jane Austen's heroes might drive a sleek, speedy curricle,

Georgette Heyer's Regency Bucks will aspire to a high perch phaeton:

as a writer of historical novels there isn't a lot of scope for fast cars, so writing Moonshadows gave me the opportunity to mix history with a modern day love story, and to think about more modern modes of transport. Recently I spent some time driving a Porsche and was transported (if you will excuse the pun) back to the months I spent writing Moonshadows. Roof down, wind in my hair, lots of speed – I loved it! Okay so it wasn't a yellow Porsche like the one Piers wanted to give to Jez, but it is sleek, smart and powerful – a bit like my heroes, actually.


Thanks to Sam and Porsche Centre, Bolton.

Melinda Hammond
PS - the car isn't quite mine - yet!


Jane Odiwe said...

I wonder what Jane Austen and her contemporaries would think if they knew how fast their 'carriages' became!

What sort of car would the Prince Regent drive if he were alive today, do you think?

Anonymous said...

A car for Prinnie? Something big and flashy. Red Ferrari, possibly (in his younger, thinner days of course). I would love to see him on Top Gears' "Star in a Reasonably Priced Car". Can you imagine it? As Regent he would have to be winched into the driving seat!


Anonymous said...

Jane said...

The things we have to do in the name of research! Was it a wrench giving back the Porsche, Melinda?

Anonymous said...

Jane, I live in hopes!


Jan Jones said...

I quite like the thought of James May in a phaeton, myself...