Monday, February 01, 2010

Is it Spring yet?

As I write this blog this morning and look out of my study window, the sun is shining brightly and there is is not a cloud in the sky. A great day to get out and about, return the research library books and feel the buzz of exploring the open countryside and letting the new plot for the next novel to regenerate me after the long cold winter. The birds are singing, the male blackbirds are fighting for their territory and the blue tits are investigating the nest boxes. Spring must be here.
Then I glance down at the grass and everything is covered in a thick white frost and I know it will be freezing again outside and I can feel my hibination mode settle again on me like a cosy mantle.
However the sunshine is enough that I give thanks for being a writer and can forget about the cold and still allow my imagination to fly to exotic or warmer climates or get my adrenaline refired by a scene of daring-do or high adventure from my Loveday extended family. To keep my inspiration high I have the latest Loveday cover sitting proudly in front of my wpc. It arrived as I was finishing the last two chapters for The Loveday Vendetta and I absolutely loved it, and the complicated plot ending I had been struggling with suddenly fell into place. Isn't it great when that happens?
Despite the frustration of the long weeks of rain, snow and frost I am never bored when my characters have new challenges to face and a heartwarming email comes in from an excited reader who has finished the latest Loveday and is asking when the next one will be published. The Loveday Vendetta is not published until the summer but I had to share the cover with you.
The cover for Vendetta is beautiful dramatic and uplifting. Three very sound lessons to hold when a writer is completing the final scenes and doing the final read throughs. With the typescript in the post I really would enjoy a change of temperature to get out and about more in the sunshine. Meanwhile I have a terrific to be read pile of the great novels by my associate blog contributors that I finally have the time to sit with a glass or wine and a box of chocs and lose myself in.
Stay warm, stay inspired and happy reading to you all.
Kate Tremayne


Nicola Cornick said...

What a stunning cover, Kate. Beautiful, dramatic and uplifting. Yes, that's very appropriate to bear in mind for the final scenes.

Anne Herries Author said...

Your books are inspiring Kate. I love them and scincerely believe you one of our very best historical saga writers to day.
Linda S

kate tremayne said...

Nicola, I do love the cover. It will inspire me whilst plotting the next Loveday

kate tremayne said...

Anne, Thank you for such a wonderful compliment. You not only made my day but my year.