Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Happy New Year

I haven't managed to get into the blog for a long time unfortunately, but I wanted to say what a lovely job you are all doing here.  The photos this Christmas are beautiful and the articles are varied and interesting.

I've been working extremely hard on my various books and am doing much more in the saga line now than historical, though I do have 2 Regency books with Mills and Boon this Christmas - The Brides of convenience trilogy, volume one was out December and volume 2 will be out next month.

However, the highlight of my year as far as Regency books is concerned was the number one best seller I shared with Nicola Cornick at amazon.  Amazon did a promotion on the book and it was exciting to see that red number one best seller mark against it in the lists.

So that's my small piece of news.  I wish all of you success with your writing and your lives.

Best wishes, Linda

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