Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Highlights 2014

2014  was an excellent year for new writing - for the first time in three years I was back to my original output of 4/5 books a year. I continued to sell all my books for Large Print and this means they will eventually appear in the library. However my writing career took off when Amazon introduced KU - and I was a Star Author for two months running. I also got a two page spread in the local paper and the photo was flattering -although the one of my cat was even better. Christmas at Hartford Hall was No 1 on the Regency list for three weeks. The year is ending more on a whimper than a bang - but then - who has time to read in December?
I have a new Regency coming out in January - Lord Ilchester's Inheritance - and am part of a joint venture which will be releasing a boxset  in time for Valentine's Day. Very excited about this -there will be more news nearer the time.
Happy and peaceful New Year to everyone.
Fenella J Miller


Helena said...

You are the first author I've seen comment positively on Kindle Unlimited; every other author seems to have lost income through it. Congratulations on a good year, and all best wishes to you and all who post here for the New Year.

Fenella J Miller said...

Helena, I think I'm lucky as I write romance and the bulk of my books were selling at less than a pound which means a loan is a lot more to me than a sale.