Wednesday, January 04, 2006

One of the best places to talk about the Regency with fellow enthusiasts is on the Regency list. There are all sorts of interesting people on the list: readers, writers, librarians, in fact anyone with an interest in the Regency.

Members come from all over the world, and chat includes discussions of favourite books, history and films.

If you want to know anything, a question on the list will usually provide you with the answer. Have you forgotten the title of a favourite book? Are you trying the recall the name of the actor who played Mr Darcy in the 1980 miniseries? Or are you wondering what a pelisse is? The Regency list is the place to find out.


Jeff Rivera said...

Isn't a pelisse the dress worn by medieval women ?

Laurence Brown said...

Jeff, Yes it was indeed. It is still used in classic French fashion.