Saturday, April 22, 2006

A Dissembler- cover sketch

The cover design for my next book, 'A Dissembler', arrived yesterday and I love it. The artist, David Young, has used a Victorian photograph of the lane that runs between Frating and Great Bentley, Essex, which is where the book is set. The fact that he has turned the lane into the drive to Frating Hall is a shame- it would have been great to have been able to market the book as having an authentic local cover.
However, after the problems with the cover for 'A Suitable Husband' I am just so relieved I'm happy with this one.
Waterstones in Colchester, and Caxton's in Frinton, are both stocking 'A Suitable Husband'. I have a meeting with the owner of The Red Lion bookshop, also Colchester, which was voted 'The Independent Bookshop of the Year' next Thursday. They are keen to support local authors so I'm hopeful they will stock some copies as well.
I, as many writers do, checked Amazon to see if there were any sales or reviews for 'A Suitable Husband' - as far as I can see I've sold nothing as I have not even achieved a ranking yet!! However I was delighted to see that my first book, 'The Unconventional Miss Walters' has suddenly started selling again. The mystery of this system is quite beyond me.
Fenella Miller

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Kate Allan said...

The sketch is lovely! :)