Saturday, April 15, 2006

Journal of a Regency Lady

Decmber 15 1811. Mama gave me this journal today. She says that I should begin the habit for it will help me when I am married, but I do not know what I should write. Except that I am not sure I wish to be married - at least I do not wish to marry any of Papa's friends. They are all so dull and I wish that something exciting would happen!

December 16. We dined with Mrs Henderson last evening. Her brother Colonel Bridgeworth was there and he put his leg next to mine under the table and kept calling me his dearest Anne. I do not call that exciting for he is at least forty and smells of the stables. We had baked carp for the fish course and the sauce was lumpy. Oh, I do wish something exciting would happen! Mama says that we shall go to town next season but it is so long to wait and I am bored. It would not be so bad if Paul were here, but my brother is away fighting for King and Country, as Papa says. I am very proud of him but I miss him so much. Rosie is all very well, but she is still in the schoolroom and very precocious.

December 17. Something has happened! On, I do not know if I dare to write about it! If Mama were to read my journal it would be too awful - but I cannot bear to keep this to myself and Mama swore that my journal was sacrosanct.

It was at the Hamilton's Christmas party. I expected it would be as dull as it usually is with not enough young men to go round. I was dreading having to dance more than once with Colonel Bridgeworth - but I didn't have to because Sir Roger Daventry brought his houseguests and they included five young men! They were all pleasant and good mannered - but he was so gorgeous! The moment I saw him my heart stood still, and when he came over with Mrs Hamilton and asked if he might be presented it raced like mad. I am sure my cheeks were quite pink. And then he danced with me and I thought I should swoon. His name is Harry Carrington and his uncle is Lord Carrington...and if I write another word I swear I shall die...

Linda talking now. Just back from Spain, where I came up with a trilogy for M&B and revised another book. I also came up with this idea, which I hope will be liked. Let us know if you enjoy it. More soon Linda (Anne Herries)

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