Monday, July 03, 2006

How Do You Make an Author Blush?

How do you make an author blush? Easy, it can be accomplished in three steps:

1 - You tell her you are putting out her latest book as a 4 CD audio book, and it is being read by gorgeous Michael Praed, he of the smouldering eyes and dark brown voice. Your author is very excited.

2 - You abridge it. This makes your author grind her teeth. But, cunningly, you don't tell her you've not abridged any of the sex scenes.

3 - She decides it would be nice to listen to it as she drives to work - and then almost runs into the back of a lorry on the A1 as Michael Praed starts smouldering into dialogue she's only ever heard in a female voice in her head.

Yes, if anyone noticed the woman driving down the A1 towards Hatfield, crimson in the face and with one hand clamped over her mouth in an effort not to moan out loud - that was me. Coping with rush hour motorway traffic, while listening to sexy men reading love scenes you've written, is not in the Highway Code. It should be.

The Viscount's Betrothal is out in paperback and audio CD in July, published by Mills & Boon. Just don't listen while you drive.

Louise Allen


Anonymous said...

Wonderful news, Louise, congratulations! Those of us that remember MP from Robin of Sherwood will also be able to conjure up some delicious images while we listen to him!

AliceAnderson said...

This is just too funny not to share. Hope you all don't mind but you're day five on our Blog Tour at BlogsforReaders. :-)