Friday, November 17, 2006

Oooooo... the cover!

I'll warrant that there are fewer things more exciting to an author that seeing a new cover for the first time. This is what happened to me this morning when my author copies of Fateful Deception, out with Linford Romance this month, arrived in the post.

It's perfect! The hero, Capain Robert Monceaux of the Light Dragoons, is tall and dark and in regimentals. Lucinda, the heroine, looks pretty and is completely in period (1810) in her debutant-white Empire line dress.

I emailed my editor at Linford Romance straight away to tell her how super it was and to thank everyone who had anything to do with it.


juliemt said...

It's gorgeous, Kate! I wish more publishers would take a leaf out of Linford's books and produce covers like this one. It's evocative, romantic, classy and respectful of the period the book is set. I'll badger my library to get it!


Anonymous said...

Yes, great cover Kate, Anne H