Thursday, November 09, 2006

Secondhand Books

THE PRINCE OF PLEASURE And His Regency 1811-1820 by J. B. PRIESTLY
I always rush into Charity shops when I'm in Colchester- like most towns it has more of them than almost any other shop - apart from mobile phone shops, of course!!
I go to the bric-a-brac first where I've found all sorts of interesting items. The last ones were two hand carved wooden birds from Africa for £1.
But I linger longest at the book section. A quick glance along the fiction shelves then a long lingering look at the non fiction.
Last time I managed to buy this wonderful book for the princely sum of £4. It's in very good condition and packed full of photographs and drawings perfect for research. I also find the bibliography useful- I've managed to obtain one or two excellent books this way.
However I was amused to discover that the original cost of this book in 1971 was £1. 50!! I had no idea ordinary secondhand books were such a good investment.
Fenella Miller


Anonymous said...

It is a really great book-I've got a lovely market near me where there is a bookstall every Wednesday and Saturday. The only problem is I always find it really hard to stop, although they are really reasonable, I could go mad. Last week, I managed to find a copy of 'The Creevey Papers' for £3-isn't it wonderful when you find a bargain?

Kate Allan said...

Ooooo - I have this book. Had some very interesting pictures.