Friday, April 11, 2008

Review of The Carstairs Conspiracy

As a relatively new author I find reading reviews of my books a little scary. Will people like them? What criticisms will they level at the story I've sweated blood over? Will they notice glaring errors in the research or plot? Come to that, will anyone actually want to read them?

These are the sort of questions that plague my mind every time I see a review and I often have to resort to a little Dutch courage before opening them. But when they are like the one below from the I Love Fiction Review site in respect of my latest Regency romance, The Carstairs Conspiracy, published by Robert Hale, they make it all worthwhile.

'Mystery, intrigue, romance and a naked man in bed by Chapter 2 .... what more could a woman want? (Actually, this scene in chapter 2 is very funny ..)

This book didn't disappoint, and it was a real page turner. The heroine is feisty and though young, didn't simper. She was brave and though innocent, was a real treat to read about.

The hero - well, I never thought a man called Sebastian could be attractive - but he was ... he was just what a hero should be: strong, capable and a bit of a rogue (but not to our heroine of course!).

This book, though serious in it's plot and mystery, had a wonderful amount of humour in it (I always love a bit of humour) and the last scene is so beautifully crafted, I didn't want it to end ... wonderful dialogue and sparring between the hero and heroine.

The plot hangs together beautifully, this really is a great read. It combined romance and intrigue so that I found I couldn't put it down. (Well I did read it in 2 days). Can't wait for Wendy's next book out in June ... (she's referring to A Bittersweet Proposal due to be published by Hale at the end of June). Rating 9.5/10'

Now that's what I call a positive review and I don't have a clue who wrote it, (honest!).

Wendy Soliman


Anonymous said...

Well done, Wendy! Good reviews always give you more confidence in your own ability, and this was a great review!

Melinda Hammond

Anonymous said...

LOL - I can vouch as well that I've never met Wendy! (Honest).

Fame at last - or is that "infamey" at last!

Wendy, the blood sweating was worth it, you've given me hours of very happy reading.

I have also put your novel "Lady Hartley's Inheritance" in my Favourite Reads page of my blog. Also, I've put "Chance to Dream" by Lynne Connolly there too.


Anonymous said...

Jane said...

Congratulations, Wendy. How can we know what people think of our books unless they tell us? A review like the one you quote is like a candle in the darkness - reassuring and very welcome!