Monday, April 14, 2008

Romantic Times Convention

On Tuesday I fly across the pond for the Romantic Times Convention at Pittsburgh. On my own.

I've discovered the joys of solitary travel recently, and they are joys. Only myself to answer to, I can listen to my music, read my books, go to the shops in the airport or just sit and stare into space. And write!

For this journey, around 10 hours in all, I'm planning to plan. Plot and try to work out some book plans for the next few efforts. Such a nice thing, all that time to myself!

I'm trying to forget the airline food, the worries at the airport - will I ever see my luggage again, will I get on the wrong plane, will I miss the plane, will I get my connection at Newark - at 1 hour 40 mins I'm cutting it a bit fine. Last year it took over 2 hours to get through Customs! Ah well, that was Texas, and they like to do things slow in Texas!

Going to America makes me realise just how different we are over here. And how similar people are! There are common denominators, but because we speak the same language (arguably, lol!) we kid ourselves that we're basically the same.
But I love the differences. Absolutely love them.

Just think of those intrepid souls who travelled around the world in the Regency era! Lady Hester Stanhope, who after a life helping her uncle, Pitt the Younger, travelled abroad to the Middle East and discovered the love of her life and a world that suited her so much she never came home. On her own. I'm travelling a well-worn route, with people expecting me at the other end, but Lady Hester had none of that. And all those ambassador's wives who took their families out to strange lands. There's a great book, "Daughters of Britannia" about those intrepid ladies.

When I get there, there's RT itself. One of the biggest parties anywhere. Celebrating romance, reading it, chatting with readers and writers - it's huge fun. As well as hard work! I'm planning to go to New York afterwards for a few days, so I'll be nothing but a wet dishrag when I come home. Probably sleep for a week.

Which is a shame, because I have two books coming out, one at the end of April, the other at the beginning of May, so I really have to get out there and let people know they're here! Neither of them are historical, they're both contemporary set paranormal romances, but I am currently working on the next Triple Countess book. And the next historical is out in June, the first in a brand new trilogy set in the Georgian era.

See you when I get back! Or if you're planning to be at Pittsburgh, I'll see you there!

Lynne Connolly


Anonymous said...

Jane said...

Have a fabulous time in America, Lynne. Given the current situation at Heathrow I think you are just as intrepid as Lady Hester!

Gillian Layne said...

I hope you have a lovely time, and be sure and report back here after you've rested at home. :)