Friday, August 27, 2010

Apology for missing my post/news

I am sorry I've missed a couple of posts here. I've had various problems not least my husband in hospital and I just have not had the time to write a Regency letter or to think about posting. I hope to get back to normal soon but for the moment I'm snowed under with various things I need to do.

On the news front I have a new book coming out with HMb in September. This is the Lord's forced Bride/ Anne Herries. It is the second in my Melford dynasty series. There are several more to come in this series, some of which have been published in USA. In November I have a war saga coming from Severn House as Linda Sole. I am writing a new series for M&B and have several single titles to come. I recently received my gold pin and a lovely letter for having written fifty or more books for them which was very nice.

I hope next month I may be able to get back to writing something for you.

Love to all Anne Herries


Sarah Mallory said...

Congratulations on your gold pin, anne - you are so prolific! No wonder you are busy.

Love the cover, too!

Jane Jackson said...

Beautiful cover, Anne. Many congratulations on your gold pin and best wishes for your forthcoming books. When do you find time to eat and sleep?!

Anonymous said...

I do agree about the cover. And about the gold pin, too. Not many authors of historicals can reach such a milestone, partly because our books are so much longer than the contemporary HMB books. So you are doubly to be congratulated, Anne.

And your output, as Jane implies, is to be envied!

kate tremayne said...

You never fail to leave me stunned by your successes and your novels are always a great joy to read. Congratulations on your gold pin. You have brought so many readers a great deal of pleasure. I love the cover. What is your grand total of novels now published?

lynneconnolly said...

Well done on the pin, Linda, so well deserved!
Hope everything settles down for you at home, and the last few months of the year are a bit more tranquil!

Anonymous said...

Kate, I've now had 103 published including ebooks of which there are fifteen, but there are another seven books in the pipeline with M& B and also another sage ready to go for SH.

I must admit at times I've sat long into the night, though I don't do that now.

Best wishes and thank you for the comments. Linda/ Anne Herries