Monday, August 09, 2010

To Love Again

It's been a while since I last posted but I've enjoyed reading everyone's news. Hopefully my life is back on track - at least until we have to start packing the house in order to move in November. We have the junk from 36 years to dispose off!!
I'm delighted to tell you that I sold my first long novella to People's Friend in June and it will be published in October and also three novellas to Linford Romance for large print. A Mistaken Identity, which I sold last year, is coming out soon - September 1st - but I have not seen the cover yet.
Here is the cover of my latest My Weekly Pocket Novel, To Love Again. The hero looks more like a Victorian villain than a romantic Regency gentleman. I hope his dour face didn't put off my readers.
Enjoy the remainder of the summer - think of me, with my head in a cupboard trying to decide what to throw away, whilst you laze about on the beach.
Fenella Miller


Jane Jackson said...

Congratulations on your sales, Fenella. Both magazines are hugely popular. Re your house move: my rule of thumb - if I haven't used or worn it in two years I don't need it, so out it goes. De-cluttering gets rid of the old and outdated and leaves space for the new and fresh. That's the theory anyway. Good luck!

Nicola Cornick said...

That's wonderful news on the sales, Fenella. Congratulations! And very best wishes for the house move.

Kay Richardson said...

Wow. Well done. I like the guy's face. It's haunting.