Friday, May 24, 2013

The Silverton Scandal - free offer

One of my Regency romances, The Silverton Scandal, is currently in a free promotion (it ends today, so hurry!) It has all the elements that made me fall in love with Regency romances when I first discovered them. It has a tall, dark, handsome hero and an intelligent and courageous heroine. It also has lots of action, adventure and mystery as well as romance.

I admire Eleanor, my heroine. She has taken care of her younger sister since their parents died, and when a blackmailer threatens to destroy her sister's marriage plans, Eleanor takes matters into her own hands. She follows the blackmailer to London, where events take a mysterious turn. The blackmailer is found dead, and in the same house is the Earl of Silverton, a man Eleanor has already met in intriguing circumstances. What is he really doing there? Can Eleanor trust him? Her head whispers caution, but her heart has other ideas.
The Historical Novel Society loved the book :"Both hero and heroine are attractive characters and we follow their adventures with interest as the tale moves along at a cracking pace. Amanda Grange is not afraid of dialogue and she uses it to good effect as she takes us into the privileged world of the rich in 1810," said  Margaret Crosland in the Historical Novels Review.
If you like mystery with your romance then hurry over to Amazon! The UK link is and the US link is I hope you enjoy it!
Amanda Grange


Linda Sole said...

This is an excellent book Amanda. I read and enjoyed it, as I have all your books that I've tried so far.
Linda Sole

Amanda Grange said...

Thanks, Linda :)