Monday, April 17, 2006

Journal of a Regency Lady 2

December 18 1811
I saw him again. He was just as handsome as ever and he smiled at me. My heart beat so fast that I think my cheeks must have turned pink. We walked in the long gallery at Daventry Hall to admire the pictures and it was all I could do to keep from laughing for he described them all in such a droll way. We spent half an hour together before we had to join the others for nuncheon and it was the very best time of my life!

December 19 Papa asked him to dine with us on Christmas Eve. We are to have thirty guests for dinner that evening and Mama is in a frenzy of apprehension. She is always the same whenever we have a large party, preparing lists and then losing them and plaguing poor Cook with all manner of instructions about how the goose should be cooked and how many courses we ought to serve. I think that when I am married I should like to be the mistress of a large house and too grand to go down to the kitchen. I shall employ a housekeeper to do all that instead of fussing as Mama does. However, that means I should ahve to marry a rich man and I am not sure that he is very rich.

December 20
I have been working very hard at my sewing for it is nearly Christmas and I have not finished all my presents. I have made a handkerchief for Papa with his initials in the corner and the same for my brother Paul - but I made him a pen case too for in his last letter he told me that his was lost with some of his baggage when they moved camp. I am not sure when I shall be able to give Paul his presents because he does not talk of coming home, but they must be ready just in case. I have made a pretty nightchemise for Rosie, which Mama helped me to cut out and I saved my pin money to buy Mama some lavender water, which she had been wanting. I cannot wait for Christmas Eve. If he does not come I think I shall truly die, but he did promise faithfully that he would...

I am writing this as I might had I been a lady in Regency times. In my own life I am writing for M&B as Anne Herries and Severn House as Linda Sole. I hope you enjoy my fictious diary

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Anonymous said...

The Regency Lady sounds very young and infatuated. I'm interested to find out what happens to her.

Would it be possible to have links for her diary in the same way that there are for the installments of Bridget Jane's diary (they're down the left-hand side of the main page, I think, and are permanent links, which makes it easy to go back and read previous installments)?