Thursday, June 15, 2006

Befreckled Beanpole Seeks Handsome Hero

Miss Decima Ross is tall, befreckled and the despair of her family - who will not take the hint and persist in trying to marry her off, however many gentlemen make it quite clear she is not the bride of their dreams.
Fleeing her brother's latest insensitive plotting, Decima finds herself not just in a snowdrift, but in the arms of a man who seems to find her height a matter of indifference and her freckles positively attractive.
And, cut off by the snow, Adam Grantham, Viscount Weston, has several days to act on that attraction. Decima returns his passion - until she discovers that he was escaping his own family's attempts to matchmake - with her.
By the time Adam finds her again he is, most inconveniently, betrothed to someone else - is even his ingenuity enough to get himself out of this fix with honour intact?
Mills & Boon July 2006

Louise Allen

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Michelle Styles said...

Lovely to see that this title is also available as an audio book.