Friday, June 09, 2006


Regency shoes are so similar to the ones we wear today that either of these pairs could easily fit into today's wardrobe. However the fact that there was no distinction between left and right would have made them rather uncomfortable to wear- at least until the soft leather moulded to the shape of the foot.

I am delighted to be able to tell you that Robert Hale have bought my fourth book, The Mesalliance, the one set in St Osyth Priory. As usual it took Mr Hale less than ten days from sending the book to receiving the advance- it is a joy to work for a company that responds so fast. I know that other publishers can take months to get back to you with a decision. And, if they want to see the complete manuscript, you could be in for another very long wait. THE MESALLIANCE will be released early in 2007 and is a sequel to A DISSEMBLER which comes out in August this year.



Anonymous said...

Well Done, Fenella!

Unknown said...

wow!..great traditional shoes...I'd prefer to wear anyone....since iam wearing a same timberland shoes for many years..let me have a change..