Monday, June 05, 2006

Exciting Times

June is a very exciting time for me: not only is my latest book, GENTLEMEN IN QUESTION, published by Robert Hale Ltd at the end of the month, but another of my novels, FORTUNE'S LADY, is now available as a e-book from Both these books are classed as "Regency" period, although they are very different in tone. GENTLEMEN IN QUESTION is set in 1792, just as England is coming to the end of an uneasy peace with France as it plunges deeper into its bloody Revolution. England is awash with rumours of French spies, setting the scene for our heroine to be plunged into a dangerous adventure. FORTUNE'S LADY is set in London after Waterloo and Lady Rosalyn Tremayne is in no danger of losing her life, only her honour, her reputation and her happiness. Two very different books, yet both were a joy a write. Melinda Hammond

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