Thursday, June 15, 2006

"A sweet and charming romance"

Coffeetime Romance have just reviewed my first Regency ebook, Fateful Deception and awarded it 4 cups ("a keeper").

Fateful Deception was issued originally as a DC Thomson paperback and my first novel I got a publishing contract for. It's an adventure story about a lost heiress and the hero is a dragoon captain of Anglo-Irish descent. It was short-listed for the 2005 RNA New Writers Award. (Picture shows the Grand Juction Canal c1820 which is one of the methods of transport used in the story!)

The reviewer at Coffeetime Romance writes:
"Lucinda and Robert are a wonderful Regency couple and their open and frank, while respectful, communication makes them empathetic from the beginning pages of the book. They are fully developed and I enjoy how well they know their place in society and how this influences their actions. As the love between them grows, their dialogues develop accordingly. The societal rules that challenge them are written into the plot wonderfully... The villain is very well written and a perfect foil for Robert’s straightforward military guise, and his regard for Lucinda for who she is as a person. The sub-plots are great and add to an already strong storyline. As a true Regency, the sexuality is more sensuous than blatant, while being wonderfully entertaining. I can easily recommend this as a sweet and charming romance, that readers will enjoy."

Read the whole review here.

Fateful Deception is available to purchase from publisher Belgrave House and ebook retailers including Fictionwise.

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