Friday, June 16, 2006

Duty's Destiny

When I last posted on this blog I was in The Bahamas, being inspired by tales of pirates and privateers. I'm still living afloat and am now sweating my way up the east coast of The States, avoiding hurricanes and concentrating upon my writing with a tenacity that my husband wishes I would apply to boating!

I had the pleasure of seeing my first book, Lady Hartley's Inheritance, published by Hale in April, although being hard to contact it was also frustrating, knowing my family had seen the book and I had not!

My second book, Duty's Destiny, is being published by Hale in November. It is a tale of smuggling during the Regency period, but was written even before I set foot in The Bahamas, so I guess I must have had pirates on my mind even before then!

Whilst cruising I also finished my next one, The Social Outcast, printed it off on the boat and submitted it to Hale. It too has been accepted and I am about to embark, literally, upon my next one, which has a working title of A Duchy Divided. It charts the fortunes of a young heiress, whose lauch into society is blighted by the knowledge that someone intends to do her harm. Aware that Lord Sebastian Devner has a reputation as an aristocratic detective, Aligail decides she must seek his assistance, to discover who it is that bears her a grudge. Unfortunately though, investigation is not the only reputation that Sebastian has earned for himself and so how can Abbey possibly even approach such a man, without hopelessly compromising her own reputation?

I'm not too sure of the answer to that one myself yet, but it will come to me! Unlike some writers, who carefully chart out each chapter before writing it, I start by books with only the vaguest notion of how they are going to finish up, allowing my characters to take on lives of their own and following in whichever direction they lead me. No doubt they will surprise me on this occasion as well, hurricanes always permitting, of course.

Wendy Soliman

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Anonymous said...

Wendy you sound to be on a roll, well done. I too start my books with only a vague idea of where it will go - much more exciting that way!