Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Regency dresses

It isn't just Regency shoes that would fit easily into today's wardrobe, Regency dresses would fit there just as well. Here in the UK, high-waisted dresses are in fashion again.

Without the petticoat and the long sleeves, the 1813 dress on the left would pass without comment on the high street, and the 1810 ball dress at the right would need no alteration to blend in.

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Lois said...

I love the look of those. . . and they could be what actually gets me to wear a dress today. I mean, the last time I wore a dress was High school graduation. June 4, 1994. Ah, been a while. :)

But what I find amazing from reading about the gowns from another blog a while ago, is to me never seeing anything but a picture, they look incredibly comfortable. But apparently not. I guess the reason why is the undergarments, corset and the like (please correct me if I'm wrong there, it has been a while).

But only going by the pictures, they definitely look better than the periods that I can think of at this late hour. Thinking to the miniseries I still have, Young Catherine, about Cathering the Great before the Great part, how did they wear that stuff? LOL But I guess you get the idea. I'm bumbling on because I'm tired and really should be off the computer now. :)