Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Mesalliance - book cover

Here is the finished cover for my next book for Robert Hale, due out in February 2007. The building is St Osyth Priory, where the book is set, and David Young, the artist, has captured it perfectly.
For some reason this image appears in lurid green- on my PC it's a far more natural colour. I hope my version is correct!!
I have asked for this artist to do all my covers in future as I think it is giving me a recognisable look- one that a library reader can spot. I'm hoping they will be using this 'look' to select the book not jump back in horror!!
Still no sign of the My Weekly Story Collection title- The Return of Lord Rivenhall- but I'll keep you posted.
Fenella Miller


Anonymous said...

On my! You are all doing some wonderful thigns now. I really begin to feel like Christmas is coming. Anne H

Anonymous said...

The people here writing for Hale are very lucky to have such beautiful covers specially commissioned for their books.

For books in its Black Horse Western series, the company has to draw from a library of "off the shelf" artwork by foreign artists. Some of the art is very good, but it seldom matches with complete accuracy the characters and situations in the story. For instance, the cover for my latest book, Misfit Lil Gets Even, is colourful and eye-catching, but the girl shown could scarcely be Lil -- too Hispanic, and rebel Lil would never sport ostentatious jewellery like a hoop ear-ring!

Historical Romance Author said...

I had a cover I disliked on my second book. Since then, dear Mr Hale, has allowed me to send in photographs of the houses I want used and to have the brilliant David Young to do them. Although we have no official say in the covers I've found Mr Hale happy to
meet us halfway with our requests.