Friday, January 11, 2008

The Carstairs Conspiracy

I'm pleased to announce that my fourth Regency romance, The Carstairs Conspiracy, is being published by Robert Hale at the end of January.

Abigail Carstairs suspects that someone is trying to kill her. As sole heir to the late Duke of Penrith's vast estate she can only surmise that her fortune is her aggressor's objective but cannot accept that any of her relations are culpable.

In desperation she turns to the notorious Lord Sebastian Denver. Unable to deny a lady in distress Sebastian inveigles his way into Abby's hunting lodge, where all the prime suspects are gathered. However, distracted by his growing attraction towards Abby, he is unprepared when a further attempt is made on her life.

Sebastian must now delve into Abby's past, laying a daring trap for her aggressors in a race against time to keep her safe.

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The Carstairs Conspiracy - ISBN 978-0-7090-8485-3 - A must for all conspiracy enthusiasts!

Wendy Soliman

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