Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Debt of Honour

Eliza Fox, devastated by the death of her father and fiancĂ© recovers by assuming control of the family estate. She crops her hair and rides astride – believing matrimony has no place in her life.
Lord Wydale, a notorious rakehell, wins Grove House from Edmund Fox who returns to his older sister hoping she can save their home.
Mr Fletcher Reed accompanies Wydale to Dedham, under the pretext of wishing to meet John Constable, instead he meets Eliza who steals his heart and makes him realize Wydale is a villain.
Eliza is attracted to Fletcher, but her sister is abducted by Wydale and she sends Fletcher away.
But can she save her sister and herself from ruin or will Fletcher come to her rescue?

This, my sixth book for Hale is due to be released on 29th February. It will be available from, postage free and for only £13.95, for the first few weeks.
I am just aobut to begin my thirteenth Regency - this one for My Weekly Pocket Books. I have just heard that finally the copies of The Mesalliance, that came out in LP on January 1st, will be with me tomorrow. Guess what my next blog will be about?
Fenella Miller


Anonymous said...

It's a beautiful cover, Fenella. Who's the artist?

Historical Romance Author said...

My usual one- David Young-he does all mine. Also the house on the cover is a real place in Dedham, Grove House, and he's captured it exactly from the photographs I sent.