Saturday, January 05, 2008

Sense & Sensibility part one

My latest saga. Artwork copyright of Severn House

I have to say that I actually loved this version of Sense and Sensibility. Brandon looks younger and more like a Regency hero in this one, and I think Marianne's reaction was changed a little too. She did not deny him as vehemently as she normally does, which made it reasonable for Brandon to have hope of her and to be disappointed when she so obviously fell for the dashing young hero who carried her down the hill. He at least looked like a villain from the start and personally I would take Brandon over him anyday - but I am not Marianne's age. It may not be the version for the purist but I found it compelling viewing. I continue to be hooked on these films no matter how often they make them. However, I have a film of an earlier version and I think I prefer this one over the last


Unknown said...

I can't wait until this version of S&S is available on Netflix.

Anonymous said...

Watched the second part of S&S last night and enjoyed it - Willoughby and Marianne certainly have a chemistry between them! I try very hard now not to make comparisons with other films/series or the book and just enjoy it for what it is.

PS - super cover for your saga, Anne. Melinda Hammond

Beth Elliott said...

I agree that Brandon deserves to be the hero in this version, he is strong and a real Rock for a Regency girl, well, any girl, to lean on. Willoughby appears shallow rather than villainous so far - but let's see how he explains his sentiments in Part 3.