Friday, November 27, 2009

The Art of Letter Writing

The art of letter writing was something that people in previous centuries worked on and brought to perfection. Ladies of leisure really looked forward to receiving letters from their loved ones, because, of course, it was often the only way of keeping in touch. The arrival of a letter was anticipated and seen as something very exciting, and the execution of these letters would have been beautiful. In the last of the A Season in Town series, the heroine is a great letter writer and it is part of the reason for what happens to her.

Next month I am going to begin a story told for you in letters, which will run for some months I expect. Because my posting day has been moved to 27th of the month there doesn't seem much point in doing a Christmas story for you here. However, I may do one on my new Anne Herries Regency blog. I also have a new Regency group, which anyone can join, authors and readers. You can find the group if you go to the blog.

At the blog you will find excerpts, a competition and the group details.
Love to all, Anne Herries

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Jan Jones said...

It is definitely approaching a Lost Art, isn't it? I was actually taught how to write different sorts of letter when I was young - not sure they do that any more.

Mind you, I really wouldn't be without email !