Monday, November 09, 2009

Seed Time and Harvest

Nov 7 (1812)
The land is now more firm than it has been for some time. I have drilled nine acres Upper stoney & finished sewing Wheat yesterday in Grassy peice, nearly the whole of which I have drilled & have done 4 or 5 acres of my pea land over again; I fear Sweetendiness will be a very deficient plant. I had lodged 43 wether sheep in Hillyfield & last night 3 were slaughtered, the Offal and carcases taken away. I sowed 10 stretches of white wheat hither side of Nine acres & on the thirteenth stretch from the side began to sow 1 Quarter of Buncle wheat I bought of Freesland. Grassy piece is sowed with Day's Wheat except about 3 rods to Woody piece.

I love this diary entry. It would seem that this farmer either moved at the speed of Superman or when he refers to himself he actually means his farmworkers. Day's Wheat is probably seed he got from someone with that name, but I've no idea what Sweetendiness is. What a fabulous name for something - I think it could be a type of pea plant.

Today my novella, Lady Charlotte's Secret, should be in all major supermarkets and WH Smiths. Look in the My Weekly Pocket Novel container which is usually on the top shelf of the magazine section. Unfortunately my author copies haven't arrived because of the postal disruption so I can't show you the cover.
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Fenella Miller


Jan Jones said...

This is wonderful, Fenella! Almost as if it is written in another tongue. Interesting to see that he tries different varieties in different parts of his land. No putting all his eggs in one basket, here.

Fenella J Miller said...

I'm writing a romantic supense about a WW2 landgirl and things are pretty much the same in 1941. Standpipes and oil lamps and horses ploughing the fields.

Anita Davison said...

Congratulations Fenella on both your new releases. Wishing you many sales, and I'll keep a look out for them