Friday, May 12, 2006

Last night I went to see Mission Impossible

As she reads the header, the astute blog reader will no doubt be asking herself, 'What does Mission Impossible have to do with the Regency?' (Unless, of course, she is too busy looking at the picture.)
To which I reply that one of the actors, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, is a man I would like to see playing Mr Darcy. Could this man do haughty, or could this man do haughty?

The bemused blog reader is no doubt thinking, But doesn't she know that Matthew Macfadyen played Mr Darcy, in a film released less than a year ago?

Yes, she does, but she thinks you can never have too much of Mr Darcy, and as it's almost a year - well, all right, nine months - since the last screen version of Pride and Prejudice, surely we Austen fans deserve another one around about now?

Amanda Grange


Stephen said...

Good morning, Mr Darcy. Your mission, should you chuse to accept it, involves marrying one of five daughters of an unspeakably bourgeoise woman and her frankly desperate husband, but not the pretty one. As always, no scandal must attach to you, to your friend Mr Wickham, nor to any of the Bennett family. This message will self-destruct in some five-and-twenty minutes.

Lois said...

Hee, hee, that was good!! :)

Heck, in the end, we can always use another Mr. Darcy. I mean,

a) there are way too many women out there for just one Mr. Darcy. We need to separate out the duties a bit.

b) we can always use another discussion on who the better Darcy is (Colin!!)

c) who would argue over having a great group of elite men to drool and ponder over? ;)

Anonymous said...

Oooh Amanda,
I am so looking forward to going to the cinema now, what a treat!
And yes, definitely a candidate for a future Mr. Darcy.

Janie said...

I totally agree, but I don't know if I would have had enough courage to sit through Mission Impossible III to see him.

But I'll be ready for another Mr. Darcy in a couple of years.