Saturday, May 20, 2006

Love Libraries?

Do you love libraries? I do, and I'm upset with the increasing pressures on libraries not to spend money on books. Some of this comes from general local government budget pressures, others from the increasing demands that libraries provide other facilities such as computers and community meeting spaces.

So I've signed up to champion the love libraries campaign which aims to highlight the value and current issues which UK libraries are facing. You can read more about the campaign at their website here.

One argument for reducing spending on libraries is that borrowing levels are down. Therefore support your local library by borrowing books and suggesting the books you'd like to see on the shelves. Many local authorities, such as Hertfordshire where I live, enable you to request and reserve any books and authors stocked anywhere in the county for free. The books are made available at your local library for you to collect and borrow meaning that there's a wider choice of books than just what your local library holds on the shelves.


Lois said...

I never really have gone to the library, the city ones that is. In college, yep, lived in ours. :) But there if you needed something, article, book, whatever, they would get it from another on loan, so you can say in a way I've dealt with other libraries, just never physically went to one. That aside, it's nice to know they are there if I need them.

All that aside as well, I'm in the US, but I'm sure if I were to look it up, there might be something similiar going on here too. Everything is always spend as little money as possible, even if logically, somethings require money and there isn't all that much getting around it.

But you know, about the borrowing levels. . . not everything is or can be taken out. Geez louise, don't these people know anything?? Ah well, politicians are the same, no matter where you go.


bluepaul said...
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Jo Manning said...

I was a reference/research librarian for some 40 years, only retiring a couple of years ago in order to write fulltime. I love libraries and I love my fellow librarians, who, in turn adore books and authors of same. Some romance writers feel that librarians are anti-romance, but I find that not to be the case. Sure, there are some, and they can be quite vocal, but they are not the majority. I have given several book talks at local public libraries and before library associations (will be giving one on June 7th at the Miami Beach Public Library -- if any of you are in the vicinity, please come!) and always donate copies of my books to libraries that do not have large book budgets. Writers and libraries are strong allies, I have found, and we can truly help each other.
By the way, this is a great blog! And I think I met several of you a couple of years ago at a Romantic Novelists Association party in London, where I had an excellent time! (Hi, Kate!)
Will be in London from June14th-July lst. Please e-mail me at if you'd like to get together and talk books.
My last book, My Lady Scandalous, is available, I hear, at the British Library bookshop, at Hatchards, and at Blackwell's. It should be in the art museum bookshops at well, and there is now a Grace Dalrymple Elliott paper doll!
Cheers! Jo