Sunday, May 14, 2006

Win a free download of an audio version of Pride and Prejudice

This is from AustenBlog

", a new company offering high-quality, affordable audio downloads of classic books, is kicking off their offerings with an excellent selection: an unabridged audiobook of Pride and Prejudice. The downloads are available in MP3 and AAC for iPod formats and are performed by a professional actor.

They have offered two free downloads for AustenBlog readers."

So if you want a chance of winning a download, visit Austenblog for more details.


Stephen said...

The answers are, of course:

1. The Duke of Wellington
2. As old as her nose and a little bit older than her teeth
3. Miryland
4. The Bathampton Bigamist
5. From the first chapter of The Correct Behaviour for Ladies During Their Confinement by "a Midwife to the Aristocracy", (Minerva Press, 1809).

Anonymous said...

Question 1 is, of course a trick question. What the character really says is, 'Do you know, Mr Darcy, you look just like Jonathan Rhys Meyer?'

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