Sunday, May 21, 2006

One of the things I like about historical romance in the UK at the moment is the diversity. There really is something for everyone.

Elizabeth Bailey blogged about the recent trend for hotter Regencies that have an intense focus on the hero and heroine, and so I thought I’d blog about the other end of the spectrum, Regencies – or historical romances set in other eras – that take a more traditional approach. These books are still being published, in fact, all my books fall into this category, and although my heroes and heroines are passionate people, their passion is emotional rather than physical. They find themselves tracking down murderers and exploring secret passages as well as going to soirees and balls. In Lord Deverill’s Secret, Cassandra finds herself experiencing a lot of near-fatal accidents in Regency Brighton, and then she learns that there is something Lord Deverill is not telling her . . .

My latest book, Darcy's Diary is something different again. It’s a re-telling of Pride and Prejudice from Mr Darcy’s point of view, and it offers historical romance lovers yet more variety.

Mr Knightley’s Diary, out in August, continues this theme with another Jane Austen re-telling.

So all in all, the start of the twenty-first century is a good time for those of us who love historical romance. There are intense books with a lot of physical passion, there are rolicking adventures, there are classic re-tellings, and other sorts besides. If you want to try a lot of new authors, your local library will probably have a good range so you can find out which ones are for you.

Amanda Grange

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