Tuesday, May 30, 2006

You can't judge a book by its cover

Repackaging Jane Austen is all the rage, so that if you want to update your copy, you now have plenty of cover styles to choose from.

As well as the traditional fine art covers still being used on older editions of Pride and Prejudice, you can also buy pastel covers by going for the new Headline editions.

And in case you don't like fine art covers, and are not tempted by Headline's pastel covers, then Bloomsbury are now publishing Pride and Prejudice in a new cover as well.

They are going a step further and publishing the book with a new introduction by Meg Cabot,too. So if you have a teenager in the house, and you want to encourage her to read Pride and Prejudice, this might be the edition for you.


Lois said...

I have the Barnes and Nobel version that has a striped cover, but it's a nice small hardcover version for something like $4.99 or such. It took a while and a number of trips to different stores, but I finally got all the Jane Austens (plus Phantom of the Opera). LOL Okay, sure, I could have asked them to order them, but, well, I didn't. ;) I liked them because they were nice and small and compact. And these have a few illustrations, I don't know if most or all versions have them. (disappointed to see that Phantom didn't have any. Oh well. LOL) I rather like that top cover myself. . . but the second not really. I'm not really into those cartoony covers in any type of romances that aren't incredibly humorous, because to me, they give that impression. But hey, whatever might get a few more people to read it, go for it. :)


Jane O said...

No, you can't judge a book by its cover but a lot of people do. I have friends who say they would never buy a regency novel because of the covers they have and I think that's a shame. There are a lot of people missing out on some good books, beautifully wrtten. Publishers should give their authors more say I think-or at least experiment a little more!
As for the Jane Austen covers, I think it is always lovely to look back over old ones and I am sure the current ones will appeal to a lot of people too.