Monday, November 05, 2007


On the left is the cover of my first Linford Romance, The Return of Lord Rivenhall, published in LP last month. On the right is the cover of my second book for Hale, A Suitable Husband, published in February 2006. This is the cover I didn't like as the woman's head is far too large for her body. Am I imagining things or is this a re-working of the original design? Although the two are facing different ways I'm sure the faces are the same.
The Linford cover is fine; I quite like it. I wonder if the artist realised he was reusing it with the same author.
Remember that you can buy all Robert Hale books direct now at I'm looking forward to the Christmas 'round robin' story!
Fenella Miller


Chap O'Keefe said...


This comment comes rather late, I know, but I believe the artist here is Michael Thomas and you can read an interview with him in the September edition of Black Horse Extra at

It's very illuminating!

Historical Romance Author said...

Chap -that's not your real name is it? Thanks for that link- interesting blog about Michael Thomas at the Black Horse Western blog- he's noramlly an excellent artist- I just think my first cover was poor - the proportion of the girl's head is all wrong- but the next one is excellent. I loved the western ones.
Thanks again -hope you get this.

Chap O'Keefe said...


Yes, I am seeing your thank-you message . . . though I guess we may be the only two people left visiting this blog entry! I must admit life has been hectic/trying lately and I don't check out HR UK as often as I should.

BTW, I agree about the girl's head.

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