Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Lord Deverill's Secret


The paperback of Lord Deverill's Secret is out today, which means that, for the first time, one of my Regency romances is easily available in the US! UK readers will need to order the book online, as it isn't released in the UK.

I hope readers are going to like the combination of romance, mystery and adventure that make up the book.

And isn't the cover lovely? I particularly adore the vase of flowers. It looks like something out of a painting by an Old Master. The cover artist, Aleta Rafton, is really talented.

So what is the book about? Orphaned Cassandra Paxton arrives in Brighton to sell her family's town house, because she needs the money in order to pay the mortgage on the family estate.

Worried about something her brother said to her before he died, that he had "done something terrible", she seeks out Lord Deverill in order to find out the truth.

"He was not at all what she had expected. She had thought he would be much younger, about twenty-two or three years of age, with dissolute features and a wild air, instead of which he was about thirty years of age. His hair was dark and his eyes were a clear sage green. His features were craggy, with a broad forehead and a strong nose and chin, but something about his mouth suggested that he could be good humoured if he pleased. He looked up as he saw her, and for a fleeting moment she thought she saw a glint of recognition in his eye. But that was absurd. He had never met her before."

Lord Deverill reassures her, but he is privately concerned that she is about to stir up the past, which will put them both in danger . . .

The book is set in Brighton, against a backdrop of sea bathing, races and an evening at the Pavilion. I hope you like it!

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Melinda Hammond said...

Congratulations Amanda! I read and enjoyed this book when it came out in hardback, so good luck with the paperback version. Love the cover, too.
Melinda Hammond