Saturday, November 10, 2007

A New Hero to fall in love with

Anyone who's read my Regency-period romantic mysteries published by Robert Hale won't be surprised to learn that I have a fierce passion for all animals because a dog, (always of indeterminate pedigree!), takes a staring role in each book. For various reasons I've been without a dog of my own for a few years but that situation changed last week when we adopted a stray mongrel from the local pound.

Meet Jake, pictured above. He's about two years old and, as you can see, very handsome, as well as being a bit of a hunk. He is so affectionate, and is so well behaved, that I can't begin to imagine how anyone could have abandoned him. Still, he's landed on his paws now. We're not too sure what breeds his parents would have been. Any ideas?

On the writing front, I'm looking forward to the publication in large print of my third book for Hale, The Social Outcast, in December. I wonder what cover they'll come up with. I really liked their efforts in respect of my previous two so I'm optimistic.

My fourth novel for Hale, The Carstairs Conspiracy, will be published at the end of January and my fifth, A Bittersweet Proposal, has been accepted for publication next year as well! More details about both next time.

I'm now busy with the research for the next one. Obviously, a dog will feature prominently and guess who he'll be based upon!

Wendy Soliman (and Jake)

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Anonymous said...

I love the pic! You can see he's got corgi in him- royal connections no less!
Were corgis around in the Regency?
Like you I always have a dog in my books- the wip has a stray more wolf than pet - he's already eaten one villain:-)