Thursday, November 15, 2007

New book!

I have a new book out!
The second in the Triple Countess series, set in the mid Georgian era, "A Chance To Dream" is about the Triple Countess's second son, Orlando Garland, Lord Blyth.
Orlando has spent all his life working to restore the fortune dissipated by his wastrel father. By a mixture of strict economy and property speculation, he's done it. So now it's time to play.
But Orlando's sister had a riding accident and broke both her legs, and with it, her confidence. Her legs are healed now, but she won't go out into society. Enter Charlotte Lambert who is really Violetta Palagio, the daughter of the most notorious courtesan in London. So what is a man to do when he falls in love with a woman who is totally ineligible?

This was great fun to write and I'm very proud of it. You can read an excerpt and order the book here:

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