Friday, November 16, 2007

Exciting promotion

I am thrilled to tell you that The Loveday Revenge has been chosen by W H Smith to be included in their christmas paperback promotion. The series has been acclaimed as a family drama that transcends time. Romance is weaved with emotional suspense and adventure.

Here is a taster from the opening of the novel.
'Loveday are you ready to die!' Adam's tormenter bellowed.

Without warning the figure attacked from behind. Instinctively Adam rolled, but as he came up on his knee to rise a pistol was cocked close to his ear. Time spun out and expanded with ethereal slowness. Harry Sawle's face was a foot from his own, the pistol cold against Adam's temple. Hatred contorted the smuggler's features. They had been adversaries for years. Was this how it was to end? It was Adam's last thought before the trigger was pulled.

There was no blinding flash, just an ominous click. The weapon had misfired. Adam sprang to his feet reaching for Sawle's throat, and the two men fell to the ground with Adam's weight on top of the smuggler. His fingers pressed harder. Sawle's eyes bulged with terror, his hands on Adam's arms rapidly losing their strength. This was the moment of Adam's triumph. Sawle would die for his part in Edward Loveday's death, and for the brutality he had inflicted on other members of Adam's family.

'Adam, stop!'

The voice shocked him into loosening his hold. Sawle lay unmoving on the grass, but his harsh gasps for breath told that he was still alive. Adam stared at the shadowy figure emerging out of the mist.

'There is no honour in murder. Only the law can judge him and claim his life.'

Adam cried out. He was shaking violently as he stared into the darkness where the vision of his father had been. But now there was no man. No mist. No trees. No body lying prone beneath his hands. Only the memory of mocking laughter.

'Good lord, Adam, you look as though you have seen a ghost.' His wife Senara was gently shaking his shoulders as she sat up in bed beside him.

Adam groaned and shook his head. The dream had been too real. It haunted him still. 'I had hunted down Sawle. The time for revenge had come. Then my father appeared. Real and solid and no ghost. He told me that was not the way. He was angrier than I had ever seen him. He told me that the law should deal with Sawle; that I must not have his blood on my hands.'

'Edward was a wise man. When revenge is governed by hatred, it can bring no good upon the perpetrator. The feud between Sawle and your family has raged for a decade. This dream is an omen.'

'You would say that. You see omens and premonitions in everything.'

'You may mock my gypsy blood, but I am rarely wrong.' Her eyes were round with fear. 'Promise me you will heed this dream.'

Adam would give his life to spare the woman he loved suffering. He did not tell Senara that the dream had also shown that Sawle would do everything in his power to kill him.

I enjoy writing the action scenes as much as the romantic ones. I hope you enjoyed reading this.
Kate Tremayne

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