Friday, November 30, 2007

Excuses for absence

I promise to blog a bit more frequently. Although I've lost my days for blogging, I will try to visit and to blog!
I've been caught up in trying to get my writing career re-established and I've been more fortunate than I dreamed possible.
In July my main publisher, Triskelion Publishing, went bankrupt, leaving a mess behind it a mile wide. We authors were dragged into the whole morass because although there is a clause in our contracts saying that in the event of bankruptcy, we got all our rights back, that doesn't seem to mean anything to a bankruptcy court, and our contracts were deemed 'assets' to be disposed of with the rest of the company.
Nightmare. At first the bankruptcy court appeared to believe that it had the copyrights to all our books, but that's not so and never was. That glitch sorted out, we settled down to a morass of court dates and details, many of which were wrong. For instance, one of my books, "Black Leather, White Lace" was divided into two - "Black Leather" and "White Lace"! The court didn't seem to be interested, but eventually I managed to get them to accept the release letter that Triskelion had sent me at my request back in June which released around half my books, and then last week they auctioned the others off.
Siren Publishing bought them and then released the rights back to us. For which I am very grateful, otherwise we'd still be waiting for the court to make up its mind, and that could be years.
So now I'm back to writing and submitting. Samhain Publishing now has most of my historicals, except for the Richard and Rose series which is with Mundania Press. Loose Id and Ellora's Cave have the bulk of the paranormals, and all the contemporary paranormal series I write. Which is fantastic. Both of these companies are large, well established e-publishing companies, and at Ellora's Cave my books will come out in print later in the year.
So something good did come out of the whole mess, after all.
And I feel so much better!

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