Monday, November 19, 2007

Keeping it all going

From Jane Jackson

Trying to balance being a professional writer with family life is a juggling act – with a lot of balls to keep in the air. A few weeks ago my younger son and his wife had their first baby, a little boy called Henry James. They live in Lichfield and obviously I had to go up and see the new arrival. As you can see he is absolutely gorgeous. (His dad isn't bad either, but I admit I'm biased!) Then a month later my niece/god daughter and her husband produced a baby girl, Amelia Grace, known as Millie. They are coming down to Cornwall for Christmas and are very sensibly renting a cottage so that they can visit family and friends, but also have some quiet time.

My father, who is 92 and chairman of the local branch of the Dunkirk Veterans, and chairman of the local branch of the Order of St George, rang and asked me to type out two speeches for him, each to be given at a special lunch in one of our seafront hotels.

My elder son and his wife are coming from Australia for a month to spend Christmas in Cornwall. Matt says he’s longing to have a cold Christmas. He’s probably forgotten that once when he and his sister were little they went paddling in the sea on Christmas Day, it was so warm. But I can see his point. I don’t think I could face roast turkey and Christmas Pudding in 30 degree heat. So emails have been flying to and from regarding their itinerary and which of the family they’ll be staying with on what dates.

Meanwhile, the publication date for Devil’s Prize is approaching (January 2008) and I must start preparing a press release and publicity material for all our local newspapers and radio stations. Devlin Varcoe, the main character in Devil’s Prize and the devil of the title, is a hero to die for. I’ll tell you more about him next time. But right now I need to get on with Chapter 8 of my new book before the phone rings again.

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Melinda Hammond said...

Jane, you are really busy! The baby is gorgeous, and with a name like that I hope he becomes a writer!

Good luck with The Devil's Prize in January.