Thursday, November 01, 2007

Loveday Publication Day

Today The Loveday Revenge is published in paperback by Headline.

It is book eight in the series and after creating so many adventures, romances, challenges and dramas for the Loveday family it was immensely satisfying to bring their arch enemy to justice. It has been described as the most emotionally intense and suspenseful of this highly acclaimed series. It is not only the Lovedays who have faced danger from their enemy and when he commits an act so cruel and heartless the whole community rise up against him in an exciting and dramatic climax.

Can this be the end for the Loveday family?
Wild blood courses through the Loveday veins, as romance and danger continue to colour their lives.
Blighted by a series of tragedies, the Loveday family is on the edge of ruin. It would seem these cruel events have been instigated by Harry Sawle - an evil and corrupt smuggler who has sworn to destroy them. If the family is to survive, the time has come for brothers Adam and St John Loveday to exact their revenge.
Meanwhile their stepbrother, Richard Allbright, returns from the war with France, with sinister consequences. And in Australia vengeance is also on Japhet Loveday's mind. He must triumph over his adversaries or fail to achieve his dream of returning to England with pride and honour...

Reviews: 'This sweeping saga has the lot: colour, intensity and pace' Northern Echo

Rich is passion and drama, with the atmosphere and flavour of eighteenth-century Cornwall' North Cornwall Advertiser

'A fast moving and exciting read' Historical Novels Review.

Many people write to me asking for the order of the series to be read. In chronological order they are: Adam Loveday, The Loveday Fortunes, The Loveday Trials, The Loveday Scandals, The Loveday Honour, The Loveday Pride, The Loveday Loyalty and The Loveday Revenge. All the books are available from Amazon or with free P&P and UK delivery from Headline by ringing 01235 400 414 or visit their website

To read the first chapter of The Loveday Revenge and extracts from other books in the series visit my website. click here
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