Monday, November 26, 2007

The Social Outcast

I've just received a copy of my third novel, The Social Outcast, published by Thorpe in large print. I've liked all the cover pictures Thorpe have used for my books but I think this is my favourite. They must be mind-readers because they've managed to produce an image on my heroine, Eloise Hamilton, looking exactly as I imagined her when I was writing the book: young, independent of spirit and trying hard to pretend that she didn't mind being excluded from the upper echelons of society.

What do you thing?

Wendy Soliman


Mandy said...

I love this cover, Wendy. It's very evocative.

Tumperkin said...

Lovely cover. Note to publishers: this is what (this) reader(s) like(s).

Historical Romance Author said...

I think it's the best so far- the LP covers always seem to be more in line with the content than the original. Do you think the artist actually reads the book?

Jan Jones said...

Very nice cover, Wendy.