Sunday, November 04, 2007

Guest Blogger of the Month - Marina Oliver

We're delighted to welcome Marina Oliver to the blog as our guest blogger for November.

"Thanks for having me on the blog. To begin with, I'd like to tell you about my new book, COURTING LORD DORNEY.
Rosabella Traherne is wealthy, thanks to her Nabob uncle. She is
pursued, because of her money, by men in Harrogate, so decides to visit
Bath incognito, where she might find a man who loves her for herself.
Her cousin Jane, Lady Hodder, is persuaded to accompany her and lend
her countenance.
Lord Dorney is wary of heiresses, since his brother was ruined by
marriage to one. The despair of matchmaking mamas, he is attracted to
Bella's spirited defence of hapless girls, children and dogs. Bath
breathlessly awaits developments, until Lord Dorney discovers Bella's
deception and leaves for London.
Frustrated, Bella follows. Lord Dorney is polite but unresponsive.
Bella, despairing, sets tongues wagging by her outrageous behaviour, and
finds the /ton/ condemning her. She will in future concentrate on her
scheme to house orphan children in small homes. Then her enemies take a
hand . . .

This is my eleventh Regency, and fiftieth published novel, and I start
the second half-century in March 2008 with AN ACCIDENTAL MARRIAGE.
I've written crime, sagas, contemporary and historical novels, but I
thoroughly enjoy writing Regencies, recreating that fascinating world.
It's a time of great change and excitement, in politics, economics,
industry and agriculture. It is a society of extremes, with flamboyant
characters, enormous wealth and dire poverty, which gives a novelist
wonderful scope for interesting plots.
Most of all, though, as with all historicals, I enjoy the research,
and tend to get carried away with it. Sometimes it's hard to drag myself
away from intriguing biographies, or visits to yet another stately home
to study the way people lived, and get back to my characters and their

Thanks, Marina, we'll look out for the book!

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Jan Jones said...

Sounds good, Marina. Here's to the next 50!